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THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! to everyone who participated in any way to make our “Fishy Camp” Vacation Bible Camp such a fantastic experience in July 2017!  Children  ages 5 to 10 from UPC and the community attended led by wonderful youth leaders and volunteers from the congregation.  It was an exciting week, where the children learned what it means to be a family, live in community -

how when we pay attention we can start to understand what other people are feeling and we can all act to help others - we all have a ‘bucket’ and we can help a person feel good by filling their bucket with care, kindness and laughter - not necessarily in big ways but when we help others in small ways all the time we can make a big difference and that’s what being a family and living together in community is about. 

Through stories, songs, games, creative activities and crafts  -

each of us grew in faith, had fun and discovered that we are all

part of God’s family and can make a difference in the world by

the way we live. 

On Friday, friends and family members were invited to our Closing

Celebration at 3:00. The kids were proud to share with their parents

what they had learned during their week.

Thank you to everyone for your support of this wonderful ministry to

the children in our church and wider community. 

We look forward to our future Summer VBS Camp events!

Lots of outdoor fun, too!

Caring leaders who help us out.

Enjoying a cool snack with new friends under the trees on a hot day.

Learning about how our behaviour and our words can help or hurt.

Singing songs with lots of fun action too!

Creating a craft about: walking humbly, lending a hand & showing you care.

Enjoying yummy fruit snacks.

Mr. bunny even came by for a visit!

Building our bucket & talking about what we need to put in it!


new  friends

Hearing stories & talking about them

Playing new games.