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Evangel Hall is an inner-city mission of The Presbyterian Church in Canada.  To find out more about the Hall please go to www.evangelhall.ca


UPC kids helping support people at The Hall

UPC kids hold drives a couple of times a year to collect much needed items for patrons of The Hall...items such as new underwear, under t-shirts, socks


Each year UPC folks provide & serve dinner & share worship with patrons of The Hall - on a Sunday in the summer.

“CANS OF HOPE” Evangel Hall Coin Cans

Coin cans are a more effective way for all of us to support Evangel Hall.

For almost 100 years, The Hall has been reaching out to socially isolated, marginalized and impoverished people and the homeless.  Men and women come to The Hall for guidance and support, food and clothing, counselling and assistance.  It is a safe place where all are welcome with friendship and acceptance.

Please bring your coin cans in on the last Sunday of each month.


actual cash donations are a more effective way for Markham Food

Bank to provide the much needed supplies for those who need them. 

When you bring your coin cans in on the last Sunday of the month

there is an opportunity for you to indicate how you would like to

apportion your coins between the Markham Food Bank and The Hall

if you wish to do so. 

Cans are available at UPC if you don’t already have one.